By the last quarter of XIX C. a large Scottish community arrived to Huelva, in the South West of Spain after the set up of the Rio Tinto Company Ltd. The mining workers introduced never-before-seen sports in Spain, such as foot-ball, lawn-tennis, and of course, golf.

To accommodate the high staff of the company, in 1885 the RTC built the so called Bella Vista, a village with its own 9 holes golf course. As golf rapidly gained much popularity a new 9 holes golf course were built in 1909 and was named after the its location, North Lode Golf Club.

The mining activity led to the disappearance of the golf courses in Rio Tinto by 1960, Bella Vista golfers moved to Huelva Golf that had been established in 1916 although North Lode Golf Club disappeared. To follow its legacy a new 9 holes course was built in 1990 adjacent to the the largest open-pit mine in Europe, and again named after its location: Corta Atalaya Golf Club.

This name represent a little tribute to my roots which coincidentally are linked to this lovely land and its people whom I share the passion for this beautiful game.