Manufacturers have a level of tolerance of +/- 1º in lofts and lies. Thus you may be eventually playing with incorrect gaps for your swing. Loft gaps between clubs should be greater as the golfer’s clubhead speed is slower

  • 4-degree gaps: 5 iron swing speed of 80 mph or more
  • 5-degree gaps: 5 iron swing speed of 65-to-75 mph
  • 6-degree gaps: 5 iron swing speed under 65 mph

Playing with the wrong lie angle directly affects your shot accuracy. The toe up & down is one of the most important fitting variables in score clubs like short irons and wedges, because the greater the loft angle the greater the ball misdirection control.


Most amateur golfers just focus on the flex as the spec which has greater impact on the performance. This is certainly not true in 95% of the cases, aatually shaft weight and lenght are among the most important paramenters in fitting.

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Grips are as important as any other piece of the equipment, is the only connection of the golfer (engine) and the shaft (transmission) of golf club. Diameter, material, size, shape, tackiness, texture and weight are very important specifications to consider when fitting and choosing for your right grip.