Wishon Golf stands alone in the custom clubmaking industry as the ONLY company that designs all of its own original clubhead, shaft and grip models. Tom has worked exclusively since 1980 to develop a truly “high-end” segment within the component clubmaking industry. He is the only club designer to have made clubs that have been played to win in the PGA Tour and in the Ryder Cup.

In 2001, tired of the emphasis on sales and profit, he left the corporate side of the golf equipment industry to move back to his home state of Colorado to build his own company committed only to developing the highest quality designs, backed by the best technical research in the game.

Credited with more than 350 head designs, Wishon remain unknown to many golfers simply, because they will never see them in Pro shops or retail stores. His expertly engineered designs are exclusively for clubfitters and clubmakers, so they can be custom fit to only you and your swing!